Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Love Story

How will you tell your LOVE story?




Thursday, September 20, 2012

Engagement Picutres...

Options, Options, Options.  It seems that no matter where you look engagement pictures are becoming more & more personality driven.  It use to be that the couple would go to a studio, or outside, get a few shots, print it and send out the invitations.  

I love how photographers are using more and more props as well as joining the couple on an outing.  Here are a few examples below. Be creative, have fun and go wild. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Moments to Capture

So I decided to post about the one thing I'm not willing to skimp on when it comes to my wedding.  I absolutely love pictures...I have already spent hours looking through photographers websites to determine which type of style I like.  You've probably invested a lot of time as well selecting your photographer and videographer for your wedding. Now comes the hard part of deciding what moments you need to capture as your day unfolds.

Although the basic must-have moments may seem obvious, make sure your photographer knows you want these wedding classics

  • Close-up of groom anxiously awaiting his bride

  • Bride at the end of the aisle, close-up and full-length

  • The Father giving away the bride

Here are a few others that you might like to add to the list throughout the night.
  • Bride and groom exchanging vows
  • Close-ups during the vows
  • Bride and groom exchanging rings
  • The kiss
  • The happy couple walking up the aisle
  • Bride and groom getting into their getaway car
  • Bride and groom making their entrance at reception as husband and wife
  • Bride and groom's first dance
  • Bride and groom cutting and feeding each other cake
  • Bride tossing the bouquet
  • Groom tossing the garter
  • Bride and groom driving off, happily ever after

The Shots: Family
When it comes to family, nothing brings loved ones together like a wedding. Family will be by your side the whole day, make sure you capture the moments that will hang on your walls.
  • Bride with mom helping with the dress or veil/tiara

  • Groom getting ready with Dad and pals
  • Sentimental shot of bride with parents and siblings
  • Sentimental shot of groom with parents and siblings
  • Bride dancing with Dad
  • Groom dancing with Mom
  • Parents and grandparents dancing

The Wedding Party
  • Bride and bridesmaids getting dressed
  • Bride with bridesmaids
  • Bride with the maid/matron of honor
  • Groom with all the groomsmen
  • Groom with the best man
  • Ushers escorting guests to seats
  • Wedding party at the altar
  • Flower girl walking down aisle
  • Close-up of ring bearer
  • Readers reading passages
  • Singing performances
  • Best man giving traditional toast
  • Wedding party dancing at reception

Your Guests
Unfortunately, you may not have as much time as you'd like to spend with individuals on your wedding day, and there's no way you can be everywhere at once. These guest shots will ensure you get to see all your favorite people celebrating, as well as some moments you couldn't witness first hand:
  • Guests entering the wedding site
  • Shot of all the guests during the ceremony from the bride and groom's point of view
  • Congratulatory shot of bride and groom with guests outside of ceremony
  • Shot of the venue as guests arrive at reception
  • Receiving line if applicable
  • Friends and loved ones making toasts
  • Guests enjoying dinner
  • Guests dancing
  • Kids dancing
I know that this list looks daunting, but if you hire a good photographer this list will most likely be second nature to him/her.  Happy Capturing!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Tip Wednesday: 5 Pieces of Advice

1. Before you budget, before you plan anything. Ask yourself this question.  What is the one thing that really is the most important to me?  Is it photography, food, decor, music.  With all of the costs of getting married;  the area you can't afford to skimp on is on the one thing that's important to you.


2.  Infuse your wedding with your own personality.  Give it the little touches of you that will set it apart from other weddings.



3.  Rule is:  There are no RULES:  If you don't like a certain tradition, don't do it! If you are closer to your mom then your dad; Have her walk you down the isle.  We are seeing more and more changes with traditions. Don't be afraid to go outside the box.

4.  Figure out a rough guest count before anything.  This number will effect every aspect of your wedding.  From the venue, to food, guest favors.

5. MOST ImPorTanT: On the day of your wedding, after the wedding ceremony schedule 5 mins into your timeline to just spend time with your new husband or wife.  Remember the moment.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding Tip Wednesday: The EXIT

As many of you know the exit is almost as big as the entrance.  It's final, you are now officially married and everyone is waiting for you to make your big exit as husband and wife.  The ceremony send off isn't the only one that you need to worry about, but the reception as well.  I thought I would post a few ideas that seem to be all the trend these days.  I hope you enjoy










Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Gift Registry

   SHOW ME THE MONEY!! Okay, maybe we can't be so bold as to borrow the line from the movie Jerry Maguire, but sometimes it feels like it would be a lot easier.  Once upon a time, a newly married couple needed wedding gifts and bridal showers to set up their household. But in today's culture, with the average marrying age RISING, many people have already established households before they get married. Some people may feel that the last thing they need is more stuff. In fact, one of the most frequent questions asked by brides and grooms today is "How do we let guests know that we'd prefer money rather than wedding gifts?" And who can blame them?! I certainly don't...Most of these couples are trying to pay for their wedding themselves, and the idea of money for a honeymoon, down payment on a house or simply some spending cash can be a lot more appealing than a second (or third!) toaster. So what is the polite way of asking for money instead of wedding gifts? Is there one? Some people just don't care or can't resist the urge to use one of those scanner guns *clear throat* me, however if you do care, here are some hopefully helpful hints.

To get the answer to this hard question I went to the Source...OPRAH!  Let's be honest,  most people listen to Oprah & take what she has to say as (in the youthful term) LEGIT!

More then half the audience said it was okay to ask for money.  I would take those odds any day!  I also found a report that 78% of consumers prefer to give cash as a wedding gift.  So now that we have established that it's okay to ask for money the next step is HOW?

Wedding Invitations and the Sticky Subject of Money
Although some couples have come up with creative ways to ask for gifts, money, or charitable donations on their wedding invitations, the truth of the matter is that doing so is rude. Wedding gifts of any kind should never be mentioned on an invitation or even sent with the invitation; to do so implies that a guest is required to give you a present. A wedding invitation should simply convey that you would like someone to be there at a very special occasion.

So, How Do You Let Guests Know?
Many guests will ask the members of the bridal party and your immediate family for your registry information. The easiest thing for these people to reply is "They're registered at Weddingblahblahblah, but I also know they are saving for a down payment on a house." Hopefully if you know someone well enough to have them in your wedding party, you can be honest with them about your hopes for wedding gifts. 
Get Creative
Word of mouth is the most efficient method of informing your wedding guests of your wish for monetary wedding gifts, you could also consider directing guests to look at your personal wedding website. Some companies, allow you to create a wedding website for free and they are a great idea for efficiently communicating, not just gift details, but also other wedding related information. Most wedding websites have a gift registry section where you can add in some wording such as: “Whatever you would like to give us is wonderful, the choice is yours, we are registered at XXX but money is at the top of our wedding wish list to help pay for ………….”. You could also consider listing there what you intend to spend the money on. Having details of your gift wish list on your website will help to reaffirm to the cynics amongst your wedding guests that you really would appreciate a cash gift rather than the traditional gift of an appliance or something for your household.

Honeymoon Registries, Create-a-Gift, Mortgage Registry
Companies have now created registries that are essentially veiled ways of asking for money. For example, at a honeymoon registry, a guest can give you the gift of "a nice dinner out," or "tickets to a play." You receive the cash, minus the site's fee, and can then use it for your honeymoon expenses. Some local banks have even created a bridal registry for a down payment on a home. And TheKnot offers "Create-a-Gift", which allows you to ask for money for just about anything you can think of, in the form of American Express gift checks. So are these options okay, or tacky? 
I personally like the Honeymoon idea if you've planned out a very specific honeymoon itinerary so that guests can really feel like they're giving a wedding gift, and not just writing a check, that can alleviate some of the negative vibes. After all, once upon a time (and even still, to the most etiquette-picky in the world) any kind of wedding registry was considered tacky. As these become more common to use, it's likely that any tackiness will become a thing of the past. GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Tip Wednesday...Guest Book Ideas

   I've had guestbooks on my mind recently.  On my last trip home, for the first time I saw my mom and dads guestbook.  I've looked a thousand times at their wedding album, but not the guestbook.  It was actually quite ugly and just sits in a box in storage.  I'm not one for storing sentimental stuff, but if you are like me and dont want your guestbook to be a dust collector but something that can be displayed here are a few ideas. 
 There have been so many different great ideas for wedding guestbooks recently. Creating uniquely original and personalized have been common themes for guestbooks - ranging from guests fingerprints, handwritten handnotes with helpful advice to birthday calendars. My favorite so far...Okay I really can't choose a favorite, they are all so cute.  It all comes down to personality.  Anyways, there are a lot of ideas out there which you can choose so that it can coordinate with your colors, decor and style. 

1. Poloraid- this is a great way to capture everyone at your wedding without the photo booth drama.  Just like your wedding photo album is looked at a lot more then your guestbook why not make your guestbook a photo album.

2. Power Prints- this is a variation of the wedding balloon guest book that is below, but it is super adorable. Little couple finger prints or Family prints. Cartooning encouraged. 

3. Sign a ....chair or Bench? Have guests sign something that you'll use: a bench, a chair, a bookcase. Make your guest 'book' a permanent part of your home.  

5. Get Puzzled- This idea can be pretty pricey but I love it anyway. Have an engagement picture made into a puzzle and then have guests sign the puzzle pieces. I think this would be cool to put in a double sided frame...Picture on one side signatures on the other!!!

6. It's a date!- If you are like me and never remember birthdays then this is the guest book for you. Have guests sign a calendar on their birthday. Just think how impressed your guests will be when you never forget again.  

7. If I could save time in a capsule- A time capsule wedding guest book. I love this idea!! Wait five years? Such a cute idea...Makes for a special anniversary. 

8. Poster it!- Have guests sign a big poster board. I like this because you can tie in a favorite, quote, saying, lyric plus lots of space to write lots of sweet nothings. Plus you can have multiple signs that can be hung later throughout your home!! Love it!

9.  Fingerprints. I love how wedding balloons and a tree along with your guests' fingerprints can serve as your wedding guest book. The wedding balloon guest book is a creative take on the fingerprint tree books that have become so popular. 

So instead of doing what your parents or your grandparents did...Spice things up with something unique and fun.  Like I said it's all about DISPLAYING!!  Happy Planning